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Walking along Via Musei, the artery where historic Brixia emerges in all its splendor, few know that one need only turn one's gaze to find oneself before an authentic jewel of art and spirituality. It is the Church of the Most Holy Body of Christ, a triumph of art and beauty.

Placed between the Archaeological Park of Roman Brescia and the monumental complex of Santa Giulia - San Salvatore, the Church of the Most Holy Body of Christ stands immersed in tranquility on the slopes of Via Piamarta, welcoming the visitor with its fascinating staircase and sober-looking facade.

A delicate first approach that after a few steps turns into pure emotion: having crossed the entrance door one is in fact immediately struck by the richness and exquisiteness of the frescoes that cover the entire building, a characteristic that has allowed the place of worship to earn the appellation of "Brescia's Sistine Chapel" for its affinity with Michelangelo's masterpiece.

The remarkable scenic impact of the church is the result of a project carried out in several stages: the ceiling, walls, presbytery and apse were frescoed in the second half of the 1500s by Fra Benedetto da Marone, while the architect and painter Pietro Maria Bagnadore was responsible for the enlargement and decoration of the three side chapels (c.1610). The cloisters and gardens tended by the Fathers are also valuable.
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