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EDITION . 26 - 27 MAY 2023
"Young people who, thanks to wise teachers, dedicate their lives to music deserve recognition and encouragement. This initiative aims to give maximum prominence and emphasis to the development of young talents in music, considered the "supreme of the arts."

"Where words don't reach ... music speaks"


The Lions Club Brescia Host announces the fourth edition of the European Chamber Music Competition for young musicians to be held in the Church of San Cristo in Brescia on May 27, 2023.

The objective of the Competition is to enhance the talent of young musicians and, at the same time, to bring the population of the area - with particular attention to families and young people - closer to the heritage of classical music, not only chamber music, but also symphonic music, proposing a repertoire that is accessible and of sure interest even to non-experts.

The competition is open to all young musicians from all over the world in ensembles composed of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 musicians with an average age of 28.
The finals, to be held in the beautiful setting of St. Christ's Church on the evening of May 27, 2023, will be attended by the press, media and local television stations. At 9:30 p.m. the winners will be announced.
The performance will be followed by a gala dinner.
Cash prizes will be €3,000 for the first ranked Ensemble, €2,000 for the second, and €1,000 for the third.
The first place winners will also be given the opportunity to give a concert in the spring of 2024 organized by the Lions Club Brescia Host.

The Judging Honor Jury, composed of the prestigious Maestri Alberto Baldrighi (President of the Jury), Gianni Alberti, Luca Morassutti, Domenico Clapasson, Lorenzo Guzzoni and Alessandro Simoncini, will select, according to the tenor of the competition announcement, the ensembles that will be invited to participate in the semifinal on May 26, 2023 for the proclamation, at the end of the performance, of the finalists who will perform publicly the following day. The Semifinal will be held at the Luca Marenzio Conservatory of Brescia in the magnificent Pietro da Cemmo Hall.

It is the Church of the Most Holy Body of Christ, a triumph of art and beauty, called the "Sistine Chapel of Brescia".


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